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The Mountain Neighbor Handbook – An Introduction to Environmental Stewardship

As climate change continues to impact our planet, it’s more important than ever to understand the importance of environmental stewardship. That’s why forty-plus contributors have come together to create the Mountain Neighbor Handbook. It provides an introduction and an invitation to environmental stewardship in mountain communities and is designed to be a tool for everyone who lives in and loves these regions. Let’s explore how this guide can be used as a resource for environmentalists and conservationists alike.

What Is the Mountain Neighbor Handbook?

The Mountain Neighbor Handbook is a collection of stories, lessons, and resources created by over 40 contributors from across five states in the US—Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. The handbook is meant to serve as a guide for those living in mountain regions on how to protect their environment through small but meaningful actions. It contains information about the history of mountain communities, current conflicts with respect to land use and sustainability issues, potential solutions for improving environmental health, additional resources for further learning and exploration, and more.

Why Should I Read It?

The contributions within this handbook are useful because they provide insight into what it means to be an environmental steward living in mountain communities. It also serves as a reminder that we all play a part in protecting our planet—no matter where we live or work. By understanding these concepts and following the suggested guidelines within this guidebook, you can make your own contribution towards creating sustainable practices both locally and globally. Additionally, this handbook offers practical advice on topics like soil health management strategies; local business development; water quality protection; restoring habitats; even planning fun outdoor activities!

How Can I Use This Resource?

This resource is intended for anyone interested in learning more about environmental stewardship specifically related to mountain communities. Whether you are an educator looking for new teaching materials or an individual wanting to get involved with local conservation efforts—there is something here that can help you get started! From inspiring stories about land restoration projects happening across the world to suggestions on how we can better care for our environment at home—this guide provides readers with important information that can be used immediately or kept as reference material for future conversations or projects.

The Mountain Neighbor Handbook serves as an introduction (and an invitation!) to environmental stewardship specifically related to mountain communities. With contributions from more than forty different experts across five states in the US, it offers a variety of valuable insights into preserving our environment through small but meaningful actions that everyone can take part in. Whether you’re a teacher looking for new classroom materials or just someone wanting to get involved with local conservation efforts—this guide has something that you need! So why not give it a read today? You may just learn something new!

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