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Competitively Priced Homes For Sale | The Five Cheapest Homes for Sale in Jackson, Wyoming

The Allure of Jackson Hole: A Coveted Real Estate Market

Nestled in the stunning vistas of Wyoming, Jackson Hole stands as a beacon of natural beauty, drawing in a diverse crowd from outdoor enthusiasts to high-profile celebrities. The market here, characterized by its luxury real estate, has consistently seen high demand despite its steep prices. This is largely due to the limited availability of developed land, as a significant portion of Teton County remains under federal protection or state management. As a result, the median listing price in Jackson Hole hovers around a staggering $2.3 million.

Current Market Dynamics: Shifts and Trends

As of October 2023, the Jackson Hole real estate market presents a nuanced picture. Notably, it has transitioned from a seller’s market, prevalent in the previous years, to a more balanced or even buyer-friendly landscape. This shift is evident in the slight decrease in median home prices, which now stand at $2,117,500, representing a 3.8% drop from last year. Homes also remain on the market for longer, with an average sale time of 226 days, up by 45.9% from the previous year. This elongated selling period indicates a market that is gradually becoming more accommodating to buyers. (View more market stats here)

Budget-Friendly Finds in a High-End Market

Despite the general high-end nature of the Jackson Hole market, there are still relatively more affordable options available for those keen on investing in this area during this economic downturn. With this in mind, we have put together the 5 most budget-friendly residential home properties on the market right now.

4334 S Sage Meadow Road | $990,000

listed by Julie F. Bryan of Compass Real Estate

Priced at $990,000, this property offers an entry into the Jackson Hole market below the million-dollar mark.

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547 Coulter Avenue | $1,085,000

listing by Ethan W. Valenstein of Jackson Hole Sotheby’s International Realty

At $1,085,000, this property presents a great opportunity for those seeking a balance between price and location.

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415 Aspen Drive | $1,095,000

listed by Ian J Osler of Keller Williams Jackson Hole

With a price tag of $1,095,000, this property is an appealing option for buyers looking for value in a prime location.

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3455 S Tensleep Drive | $1,095,000

listed by Gregory Prugh of Prugh Real Estate LLC

Another property at the $1,095,000 price point, this home is in a quiet subdivision with a spacious 2-car garage.

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808 Powderhorn Lane | $1,175,000

listed by Dan Visosky of Prugh Real Estate LLC

Rounding out the list at $1,175,000, this home offers walkability and a spacious floor plan.

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Key Takeaways for Potential Buyers

The current market conditions in Jackson Hole offer a unique opportunity for buyers, especially those who previously may have found this market out of reach. With a slight softening in prices and an increase in days on the market, potential buyers have more room to negotiate and find value in this traditionally high-priced area. For those looking to invest in Jackson Hole, now may be an opportune time to explore these budget-friendly finds, each offering a gateway to the luxurious and scenic lifestyle that Jackson Hole is renowned for.

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